Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the force is strong in this cookie

(photo from williams sonoma)

I originally heard about the star wars pancake molds on geekologie.
However, I am not a pancake girl.
I am a cookie girl myself.
Want to win me over with food?
Make me a Yoda or Darth Vader cookie and I'll love you forever... (some additional rules may apply).

Friday, May 21, 2010


So the geek that I am saw that you can play Pac-Man on today.
How exciting!
Its actually Pac-Man's 30th Birthday which is why Google posting a playable game on their site.
So thank you google for posting a game and creating a distraction from doing my work.
And thank you Namco for Pac-Man's existence.
Now stop working and start playing! Unless you sit near your boss, then be more sneaky about it.

P.S - if you click on "insert coin" twice, you can play two player with Ms. Pac-Man.

Mario R/C Cars

(photo from

What?! Oh how I wish it was Christmas or my birthday.
Because this would be on my wish list.
A tiny little R/C Mario. You can play real life Mario Kart!
Why are you not excited?!
The BEST about this, it also comes with little tiny bananas and turtle shells.
Ok. I'm done now.
Buy it at

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smart girls

(Photo from Speak For Yourself, on etsy)
Smart girls ARE sexy.
geeks = smart
Therefore, geeky girls are sexy.
Enough said.
made by Speak For Yourself.

Monday, May 17, 2010

reading is sexy

(taken from

Geeks are sexy. Geeks tend to read.
So therefore reading is sexy.
Geeks has made reading sexy.
You're welcome!
The artist is Sarah Utter.
You can buy her stuff on her website or on You can get reading is sexy, tshirts, pins, mugs, messenger bags, etc.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bike Riders

(photo from shmattson)

Guy or girl, there are many people who utilize their bikes.
Some city dwellers use it more often as their main source of transportation. Don't worry, I know there are non-city dwellers too. I didn't think its only the city.
Anyway, if you ride around on your bike a lot, then you could use this pair of bike pannier bags by shmattson. They are cool bags that make you feel all important.
You will be the cool person with the bike bags.
Or the geek with the bike bags.
Either way its a win.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

staying up late

So is there a super important video game coming out at midnight and you have plans on staying up all night (and morning) to play it? Is there a super important website you need to put together for yourself for some fanfic? Do you just like the night because and sleep in the morning and want pasty skin? Well, there are tons of energy drinks that appeal to the geeks. The two favorites of mine are the Mario and the Simpsons Duff energy drink (not the beer). The Rock Star energy drinks are for boozing losers. Power up energy drink and Duff energy drink are for the computer, technology loving geeks. Drink up.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cat Lady part 2

(photo from
I had to post this. I want this sooo bad for my cat. its made out of cardboard and probably the coolest thing ever! Now I can totally be a lonely cat lady but be a cool geeky cat lady.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nintendo cat toy

(Photo from GEEKitty)

Even cat ladies can be geeky.
Make your cat the geek of the neighborhood with a Nintendo controller cat nip toy by GEEKitty Gear.
Your cat will be too high to realized its a geek.

Monday, May 10, 2010


(picture taken from molecularmuse)

So nothing says geeky like molecules.
And jewelry is typically worn by women (I know not by all and men wear jewelry too).
Well, mesh the two together and you get molecularmuse. The handy dandy molecular jewelry shop.
Geeks be at ease finding the place to get your geeky jewelry needs.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

pink rubix cube

(photo taken from

Nothing says girly like the color pink.
Nothing says geek like a rubix cube.
Well when you put pink and rubix cube together you get the alien love child that is the pink rubix cube.
Get it here.

Travel Mug

This is by far one of the most coolest mugs I have ever seen and now I have it.
Yup, this gem is in fact mine!
For all those photo geeks out there, this is their wet dream. But its just an overall geeky thing to have. Good for both men and women, this is deemed worthy to be in my blog.
Most online stores have sold out of these fairly fast, but if you take a gander on ebay, you will find a whole bunch.
Now to take some pictures drink some coffee.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the sushi strikes back

So I originally heard about the light saber chopsticks on gizmodo, which I quickly forgot about.
With the birth of this blog I then remembered them and when I went looking for the light saber chopsticks, I found a set of chopsticks you can purchase. You can get Darth Vader and Yoda light saber chopsticks. What?!
They even have the Yoda chopsticks a little shorter (you know, he's a small dude).
I'm so rockin these the next time I go to eat sushi.
Not quite "girly" you say? Well a girl or guy can rock these chopsticks, right? RIGHT?! Cower before my light saber chopstick power!

P.S - Can you imagine how bad ass it would have been if Daniel-son (from Karate Kid) caught the fly with the light saber chopsticks?!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bluetooth talkin

(photo from
Girls LOVE to talk on the phone, right ladies?
Ok whatever, so its a stereotype. But its kind of true. Some girls love to talk. So talk on the phone like its 1990 again with a bluetooth retro handset!
Your geeky male counterparts will like it too!
Out of stock?! Damn you to hell!
Well once they get more (hurry up) get it at

geektastic necklace

(picture taken from Morphologica)

What better way to start off a girl geek blog by having this acrylic laser cut geek necklace. Necklace available for purchase here.