Thursday, June 10, 2010

I want!

(photo from geekologie)

I loved the Robocop movies as a kid. Frankly I still do, but in a more, wow that's super cheez its hilarious kind of way.
When I saw this on geekologie, I laughed. A lot. Actually I still laugh when I look at this. I'm really no kidding.
They couldn't have named it Robot Cop. No. Instead, its Robert Cop 3. 3!! Why 3?! I'm glad they put the "3" in there. It makes it all even better.
But anyway, I want to call out now to anyone who actually has one of these or knows where to get/order one, PLEASE let me know. Name a price and I'll let you know if I its do-able for me (most likely it will not be do-able).
Thanks geekologie for bringing this to my attention.
P.S - the other toys in there are HILARIOUS as well. Check it out.

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